The ‘Finder series’…”rescued?”

So, yeah, DMP licensed The Finder Series (I know, big surprise).

They put up a little website and everything.

(And then announced it on their twitter.  I must say, I’m not totally diggin’ this HEY FIND OUT WHAT WE LICENSE YOURSELF AND THEN WE’LL TELL YOU ABOUT IT PR strategy, which we’ve seen for Maiden Rose, (more recently) Desire sensibility and numerous other random titles. I’m not even sure why, but it annoys me.)

But the fact that it’s being published under the June imprint makes me pause. (see it mentioned on their PR post ) Along with with various other twitterin’ fujoshi, I’m wondering: Will DMP censor the finder series to get in on to bookselves?

Obviously, for a publisher to openly mention censorship is suicide, in many fans eyes. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around ‘publisher motives‘ , so I can’t say one way or the other, how this will go. All I know is The finder Series is full of goood ol’ fashioned RAPE (and not, I-can’t-properly-express-my-FEELINGS yaoi!rape, I mean, RAPE RAPE.)

When I think June, I don’t think of HARDCORE GANGSTA RAPETASTIC DRAMAS. (I mean, they licensed Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
under 801 Media.
That’s got rape. And ganstas. And it’s alot…smoother of a ride then The Finder Series, if you catch my drfit.)

Now, (Lighting speed commenter) @mebeasi mentioned in her post two possible reasons for the June imprint: trim size and wider distribution. I think the latter in particular is the best bet, though, as I said in my comment, if Finder was released under 801 Media, it would force DMP to have at least CONSIDER a more then decent print run (as most of 801 media’s books seem to be Out of Print these days, which is rather silly considering License Gobble Monster DMP doesn’t seem to blink at eye before moving on to it’s next target.)

Despite what anyone might think from my previous post,  I do WANT to support DMP on this (like I want to support them with Tyrant. It’s a sort’ve Good choice, DMP. Here’s a cookie system.) I own all the original Japanese tanks released for Finder, so it’ll be an interesting experiment to compare them.



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5 responses to “The ‘Finder series’…”rescued?”

  1. You… you have a blog?

  2. AzureKitsune

    I’m actually looking forward to Finder. When I first got into the series it was via scans originally, but now I’d actually like to own the series and in the process support Yamane-sensei.

    However.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be censored. To me, titles under June’ are less.. hardcore, you know? Even though the S novel series and the Ai no Kusabi novel series are published under them, their content is rather… I can’t find the right word for it, but compared to 801 Media, it’s… not as hardcore maybe? Regardless, Finder is one of the most hardcore titles I’ve read.

    I’ll be playing a wait-and-see approach when it comes out; the DMP forums are already abuzz about the censorship issue.

    • It’s not that I’m not looking forward to it (GOOD SENTENCE), I’m just never good when series I really love are licensed. I want them PERFECT! Like I said, Japanese tanks will spoil you forever!

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