One of the books I got for my birthday! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuwaaaa, so pretty!

I  just got it for Nakamura Asumiko’s work, but was so pleasantly surprised, I had to share some quick scans!

Basically, it’s a book with 52 “essays” and accompanying illustrations from various BL mangaka about their favorite kind of boy moe. Essays on various The full list can be found here! (Which also happens to be where I first found out about this book.)

(Click for bigger pics)

First off, my lovely goddess, Nakamura Asumiko:

The cover image opens to stunningly beautiful full color insert (And the fact that the subject is so ADORABLE and silly makes it that much more awesome)

Nakamura Asumiko's color insert

Now, as for her actual essay page…

Nakamura Asumiko's no doubt GENIUS essay

Her’s was: Unfashionable Megane Boy(非おしゃれメガネ男子) Basically, a boy who wear’s sexy glasses but otherwise has no fashion sense to speak of. SO CUTE! (and it made me loooool long and hard) Totally deserves the cover ♥ (I WANT that sweater now!)

(Btw, underneath is Nakamura Asumiko’s no doubt GENIUS essay, for anyone who can speak that speak and wants to check it out. Click for a larger image.)

Other favorites of mine!

Ishino Aya’s Poet Boy(ポエマー男子」) So cuuuuuuute! I want this as a poster!

Est Em えすとえむ: Imperfect Boy「スキあり男子」

Est Em’s Imperfect Boy(スキあり男子」) I’m not sure what this MEANS exactly, but it does hit my salarymen/suit fetish so

Atsuki Kyouyama 京山あつき: Bath Boy「お風呂男子」

Atsuki Kyouyama’s Bath Boy(お風呂男子) (I had to level the crap out of this so it’d actually be visible!) I always loved her light, loose, sweet style style. Ahh, if only she did more non-sport BL!

Marta Matsuo 松尾マアタ: Reptile Boy「爬虫類系男子」

Marta Matsuo’s Reptile Boy(爬虫類系男子) I was SO SURPRISED to see her in here! I was afraid I’d never see anything by her again! I need to see if she ever got any tanks out..

(Also: that turtle is pretty moe himself)

Takeshi Matsu 松武: Muscly Megane Boy「スジ筋眼鏡男子」

Takeshi Matsu’s Muscly Megane Boy (スジ筋眼鏡男子) Lol, kinda boring concept but GAWD, I LOVE TAKESHI MATSU!

Those thighs! Those SOCKS! Very moe.

Miecohouse Matsumoto 松本ミーコハウス: Ex Juvenile Delinquent Boy「元ヤン男子」

Miecohouse Matsumoto’s Ex Juvenile Delinquent Boy(元ヤン男子) Her excellent art really shine’s here! The concept translated perfectly, even though I can’t read any of the kanji. I love the apron!

Yuiji Aniya’s Gap Boy(スキマ男子) Another one I don’t GET, but I love love love how she did the feet. Yuiji Aniya is a mangaka who constantly confuses me. I love her and don’t GET her at the same time. It’s weird.

Nawo Inoue 井上ナヲ: Languid Boy「けだるげ男子」

Nawo Inoue’s Languid Boy (けだるげ男子) I love the laid back kind of guys! And this guy looks like just my type

Tetsuzoh Okadaya 岡田屋鉄蔵: Transvestite Macho Boy「女装マッチョ男子」 Tetsuzoh Okadaya’s Transvestite Macho Boy (女装マッチョ男子) I’m honestly not a fan of this mangaka at all, but this image made my babe laugh and laugh and laugh, so it’s worth a mention, yes?

Well, there are a bunch of other illustrations, but those are the ones that popped out at me! If anyone has a request for a specific mangaka, lemme know!


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19 responses to “Moe Danshi Gatari:I HEARD YOU LIEK REINDEER

  1. The one with Aniya Yuiji… maybe the ‘gap’ is his arse crack?

    I lol’ed at Tetuzoh Okadaya’s. It’s just wonderful. I want to take him to bed with me and make love as women. Do you SEE his panties? GAWD. *humps*

    What a great post! Can’t wait until mine comes in the mail at the end of the month!! Argh. Waiting’s so hard.

    • Hee! I didn’t even think of that!

      I know!! He’s disgustingly faaaaabulous!

      Dang, everyone is getting this book now. I wonder why…it’s been out for awhile XDD

      • Yeah, I know. I was waiting to get together a big shipment of porn, otherwise I would have gotten it when I saw @mochamojo ‘s post on her blog a while back. Just a little sad that Nishida Higashi isn’t in the book. That would have made it 10000000000000x more satisfying for me. But I’m not complaining. Kinda.

      • Ooooooh, I like big porn shipments! What’d ya order?

        Yeah, there’s a ton of mangakas who would have made the book so much better, but I was surprised to find so many I liked!!! (I really did just get it for Nakamura Asumiko XDDD)

      • Oooh, big stack of stuff. Hmm.

        In addition to “Moe Danshi Gatari,”
        five magazines with Est Em in them from these two magazines: 激男/GEKIDAN and ウラゲキ/裏激男…
        “Life, Love 2” and “Grant My Wish 1” by Nishida Higashi,
        all of the Finder series,
        “Sakura Gari 1-3” by Watase Yuu,
        both volumes of “Songs of Self-Abuse”,
        “Ikenai Otoko” and “Rumble Rush” by Takao Hiroi and Kamuro Akira,
        “Double Mints” by your favorite,
        “Shisei no Otoko…” by Aniya Yuiji (have to figure out what all the fuss is about…

        I was trying to hold out until “Hug, Kiss & Shake Hands” drops, but I failed miserably lol. It’s because of those magazines I had to snap up fast!

        There’s tons more I want, of course, but I figured I might want to wait and see if I get arrested for bringing Sakura Gari into the country first lol.

      • NICE!

        Ooooh, lemme know if there’s any Nakamura in those! (Unless they’re bara XDD)

        Man! I’d forgotten about Sakura Gari! WANT. But I have no more monies right now DDDD:

        Also: Nishida Higashi = always a win.

      • I think those are bara/men’s mags. If I’m mistaken AND Nakamura is in there, I will let you know. That’s what’s so intriguing about the magazines to me!! Est Em in a bara mag, what is the world coming to? I have a great dj that was done between her and Tetuzoh Okadaya… so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe she secretly writes novels? Then I really will have to learn my Japanese properly.

        I keep spending all this money on Japanese tanks and my husband is balking at my wanting to learn Japanese… I can’t connect the dots, can you?

        If my porn habit keeps up like it is, I’m going to be doomed to a second job and/or putting up with my hubby’s complaints lol.

      • She’s got a yaoi-to-Bara feel. (which is pretty much the only bara I like XDD)

        At least he accepts your habit!!…until you have to sell the car or somethin’ XDD

        I KNOW!!! I’m so glad someone stepped up and finished it! Ahh, I want Sakura Gari in mah handsss…

      • HAHA. You know, he gave me a yaoi spending cap this year. If I go over it, he sells it all.


        That’s kind of mean, no?

        Gah. Did you see the color pages in volume 3? I wants it now!!

      • XDDD Tough love!

        Hmm? About the scanlations? Well, the last time WS released ch 7 was…..*checks* 236 days ago. You didn’t want to read the last two chapters? I’m AMAZED someone had the will to do 100 so pg chapters though! Whew!

        I KNOW!!! Y’know, I wonder if it’ll be licensed someday..(I’ll still get the tank tho, Japanese quality always trumps english xDD)

      • And I know!!!!! Sakura Gari= MUST HAVE!!!!!!

        Did you see the scanlation? UWAH! I cried.

  2. AzureKitsune

    This post made me happy. And right before bed too. XD

  3. Haha. Well, with the kiddie porn at the end of the story, I’m not so sure. :-/ I’d sure like it to be, though. Yuu Watase is a cash cow, they’d be stupid not to try.

    • I KNOW!! That…surprised me XDD But then again, Sakura Gari as a whole surprised me! Well, they released Breath, just censored out the shota *eye roll* I figured, since it’s all complete and stuffs now, there’d definitely be interest.

      STILL, the tanks are so OBVIOUSLY NICE, it’d be a waste not to get them in org. tank form :DDD


  4. Oh geez, don’t I know about that? I think my AmazonJP wishlist is going to break one of these days under the weight of my happy clicking.

    Anything in particular burning a hole in your pocket?

  5. shinkeikaku

    I randomly stumbled here and was happy to find this post. I got this book myself a while back and I love it! Good to see it getting pimped out some more. I keep trying to read the essays, but I get distracted by all the pretty pictures. My favorite is probably Aoyama Tomi’s illustration, which prompted me to buy her new book. I see what this is all about.. a thinly veiled (and successful) attempt to get me to buy more books. But it’s nice to see all these pretty pics out for all to see! 🙂

  6. Gosh, those Nakamura images are just too adorable for words. ^^

    And I really liked the pieces Gap Boy and Ex Juvenile Delinquent Boy. I’ve never read their words before and now I really want to! 🙂

    Would you be able to scan Kaori Monchi’s piece too? 😀

  7. I love the languid boy too….I was thinking about that until I saw the transvestite macho hahaha. Pretty nice, thanks for sharing!

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