Wait, what?

Just another fujoshi blog. (BL, yaoi, “shounen ai”, all that gay stuff.)

ABOUT THE TITLE: Okay, so, there’s this crazy awesome manga called “Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo” (If it’s for you, no matter how far…) By Nakamura Asumiko about the Detective Takachiho who chases the sneaky (and very sexy) criminal Nanami all the way to a remote island. But they accidentally miss the ferry home and are stuck there together. Why do they miss the ferry? Because Nanami gives the good detetive a handjob in the bathroom at the ferry port.

But THAT’S not the important part. See, before that, the two are just chillin’ and waiting for the ferry…when all of a sudden Nanami starts saying some weird things  and kisses Takachiho! The detetive is confused and flustered and all Nanami says is..


and next thing we know, bathroom handjob.


(Note: I did change it to “It’s okay, right?” because that just sounds more NORMAL in English, but the original was “Isn’t it fine?”)

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