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BUMP for ban petition

My friend and ‘colleague’, wrote a great summary post about the ‘virtual child porn’ ban in Tokyo (and in turn, the rest of Japan) in a recent post (the  Manga Creators Oppose Ban). Definitely worth a read. Go on. I’ll wait.

Good? But she didn’t stop there. Check out the step by step How-To guide for signing the petition to oppose the ban. (Anyone can sign the petition but it’s in Japanese. This makes it tricky!)

Just signed it myself ♥


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A ‘update’ regarding possible licensing issues with Viewfinder…

(See The ‘Finder series’…”rescued”? )

Interesting little note from a member of the [bobof-updates] (Boys-on-boys-film) yahoo-mailing list:

A couple of years ago I was at a Media Blaster’s panel at Otakon.  During the panel the guy talked about how Yamane Ayano is very picky about who licenses her manga and has a lot to do with the process, and has final say after she see’s the finished product.  So, hopefully she does the same thing with DMP and that will stop any censorship.

Though, I have this feeling that (censorship aside) the thing that will annoy me the most is the fact that June’s book are just. SO. FREAKIN’. HUGE. (compared to most Japanese tankoubons). Oh, DMP.

EDIT: Interview with DMP was posted yesterday: Digital Manga Reveals More About New Yaoi License, The Finder Series

Looks like B6 size is go! Sweet.


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